The Douglas County High School softball team took its first Continental League softball title since 2003. While they’ve won three regional titles in the last four years, they’ve yet to take the Continental League title in over a decade. The last time the DCHS softball team won this title, there were no cell phones, no YouTube or Facebook, and its players weren’t even born yet. DCHS won the 1994 Class 4A state championship and the 2003 Continental League championship in the past, something the players, coaches, and families cheering them on think about often.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the DCHS Huskies took the title beating Heritage 23-6. The Huskies went into Wednesday’s matchup 14-4, 8-1 on the season. This last conference and regular season game was a matchup in history for the Huskies. Since DHCS is currently ranked third in the RPI standings, they may host the next regional game on October 15, 2016.

After winning the previous game against Regis, the team began talking about history in the locker room and the excitement about winning a championship as a team became one of their goals. The Huskies are poised to make the 5A state title run this year, too, and with a win over Heritage and taking the Continental League title, look like a team destined for a state championship.

After several losses during the season, the team worked together to make shifts in starting players along with tactics that helped them overcome those challenges and win on and off the field.

The 2016 Douglas County High School softball Continental League Varsity members include:

  • Jordan Acosta
  • Katelyn Dain
  • Ashlyn Dzialo
  • Alexis Johnson
  • Cora Stallcup
  • Hanna Storey
  • Emily Zimmerer
  • Veronica Schermerhorn
  • Abbey Montoya
  • Alley Kim
  • Savanna Reiners
  • Abby Stallcup
  • Taylor Griffin
  • Katie Hilsman

Head Coach: Brian Stebbins
Assistant Coaches: Catherine Drake and Eliot Hardy