Douglas County Real Estate (DCRE) is always thinking about its customer’s security, safety, and data when visiting our website. Whether you’ve given us a call to talk about buying, are looking to sell, or are just on the hunt for more information about the real estate market, we take your personal information seriously.

That’s why DCRE has taken steps to protect your data even further by implementing HTTP/2 on our website. Let’s look at what this means for you and why this is important for not just our website but all websites.

DCRE Encrypts Your Data with HTTP/2 Protection

DCRE recently implemented HTTP/2 on our website to help improve our user’s security, encrypting data when you visit our website. This helps protect our users in a variety of ways, including:

  • Protecting your personal information from hackers
  • Ensuring your data stays safe after you leave our website

HTTP/2 has other benefits for users, including increased load time for the website so you can get the information you need quicker. This is one of the biggest web advancements in 20 years of world wide web use and one of the first true upgrades to how websites interact with users on the web. When we first heard about HTTP/2, we knew we had to upgrade to it as soon as possible not just for our visitors but also for our website’s health.

For those who want more technical details, HTTP/1.1, what we’ve been using on the web was created and implemented in 1999. HTTP/2 is the natural evolution of that protocol, bringing the web to the efficiency, speed, and security it should be at in 2016 and beyond. Google had a lot to do with the push and development of HTTP/2 as it looks for better ways to serve data across the Internet.

When choosing to visit DCRE, whether you buy or sell with us, we have your best interests at heart. Many websites choose to ignore developments and security features because they just don’t know better. At DCRE, you can rest assured that we’ll always have your back when you visit our website and we’ll do everything in our power to protect your personal information.