Our Realtor, Brandon Lee has been a great blessing to our family! He is very patient, kind, and determined to do the very best job he can for your family needs. We were very blessed with Brandon’s consistency and trust in the team he uses that got us a house that we were able to afford and move into quickly. He was on our side the whole time and wasn’t out to get more money but out to get us a house we would LOVE for a long time. We first asked for his help about two and a half years ago when we were expecting to have a nice down payment. Brandon took us around and showed us properties even though it was a good chance that we were not going to buy one at that time. Two years later we called on him again and he was right there without any reservations and started showing us properties again. Brandon kept us updated and helped us make a good bid on a property we REALLY wanted. Unfortunately, we were outbid on that property but that didn’t keep Brandon from rallying our spirits and continuing to look around. When the buyers who outbid us failed to close on that house Brandon immediately informed us and our closing began. Now we are first-time home owners of a lovely house that we get to call our own! As a house-warming gift to us Brandon paid to have our garage door fixed. Since our property was bought in as-is condition, we were prepared to try to fix it ourselves, but Brandon’s generosity came just in time! We will use Brandon for our next home purchase and will refer his services to everyone we know and tell them about his kindness and thoroughness!

–Kim D.