Brandon Lee was the listing agent for my former home in Northglenn and I could not be happier to write this recommendation for him. My fiancé and I had been planning our wedding for the summer of 2012 and, as we planned on living in her home, my preparations to sell my home in Northglenn began in earnest as 2012 got underway. Brandon was a young and relatively inexperienced agent at that time but I was very impressed in our initial meeting with his professionalism, knowledge and drive to make this process as rewarding and easy for me as possible. Brandon evaluated my home, did his research on the market and gave me his recommendations on the upgrades and repair work that would be needed to bring in top dollar for my home. Brandon put me in touch with the right contractors to do the work and was always there to assist me whenever I had a question or needed any advice. Everything went quickly and smoothly as a result and by the middle of February the house was on the market. Interest in my house was immediate and sustained with several showings a day and nice comments from just about every visitor. Brandon’s advice on making my property an attractive one was certainly paying off. Within two weeks we had a solid offer in hand for our full asking price! The process after that got a little bumpy as the buyer’s agent, ironically a man of far greater experience in real estate, seemed not to really know his business well and our deal nearly fell apart as a result. Brandon remained cool and calm throughout however as he handled the challenges & problems coming from the buyer’s side, at one point even taking the time to educate the buyer’s agent when he persisted on a matter that had been changed by law several years ago and was no longer applicable. I remember well how thankful I was that my agent was the one who really knew what he was doing. Thanks to Brandon’s efforts the situation was recovered and we closed on schedule. Even considering today’s economy my house had sold quickly and for an excellent price and I can’t thank Brandon enough for his efforts. In my opinion and based on my experience you could not ask for a better real estate agent!

Russ N.