Castle Rock is known for its family-friendly community, outdoor recreation, historical charm and small-town feel. The addition of the nation’s second largest shopping complex is shaking up the culture in this once, cowboy town. Whether it be the routine construction of Meadows and Founders Parkway or the relentless building of new homes and pop-up apartment complexes, the growth of Castle Rock does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

How the Development of The Promenade at Castle Rock Has Progressed

In June of 2015, Alberta Development Partners broke ground on the 166-acre property located west between Interstate 25, and U.S. Highway 85. The site is the future home of the Promenade at Castle Rock and has been approved for 1 million square feet of commercial and retail space. The project’s estimated cost is $177 million dollars, and will be home to many businesses, restaurants, and shops.

With the first band of Promenade tenants operating in some of the initial, newly developed facilities, the Promenade at Castle Rock is already drawing heavy traffic to the flourishing area. The space is visible from both I-25 and U.S. 85 and is intended to create convenience for travelers and residents.

Mod Pizza, Mad Greens, SmashBurger, Kneaders Bakery & Cafe, Tokyo Joe’s, Cafe Rio, and Jersey Mike’s Subs are the inaugural businesses, spearheading the future growth of the new Promenade. Eight more restaurants, retailers, and businesses are set to open by Spring 2016. Other members of the project that are expected to open by the end of 2016 are King Soopers, Sam’s Club, Bellco Credit Union, and a fitness center.

One of the more integral components to the development of the Promenade is the completion of the I-25 overpass that stretches west over U.S. 85 into the Meadows. The interchange is an expansion of the Meadows North, and will provide direct highway access to the Meadows. It will also be a northern entrance to the Promenade.

The growth doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Promenade shops and restaurants, Alberta Development Partners is under contract with a builder to develop 312 apartment units, just south of the I-25 extension.

The integration of the Promenade has raised controversy among long-time members of the community. Neighbors who would prefer to not develop the town and alter the community and tradition that has existed here for decades. Small town Castle Rock is expanding by the day, but the added convenience, and stimulated town economy are advantages that everyone can enjoy. The addition of more amenities is a healthy compliment to the existing services that call Castle Rock, home.

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