Castle Rock, Colorado was once a small, quaint town but with the recent boom in population it quickly becoming one of Colorado’s premier cities to live in. While the demographics seem to be mostly family centered, there is an incredible amount of things to do here. Whether its sunny and hot or snow covering the ground, Castle Rock has a variety of attractions. While it’s hard to limit this list to only five places, below are the top five things to do in Castle Rock.

Top 5 Things to Do in Castle Rock

1. Castle Rock Zip Line Tour


Built in 2015, this incredible zip line tour offers 10 breathtaking zip lines that total over one and a half miles in length. With speeds possible of 50 mph, you’ll not only have the best views in Castle Rock, but the fastest. One of the best parts of the zip lines is at the end, you’ll have a chance to race your friend or family on the 1500 feet dual race line. For prices and more information, check out

2. Epic Adventure Tower

Epic Adventure Tower

The same company that built the zip line tours also built the “Epic Adventure Tower”. It is located near the Zip Line Tours as well so combine the two for an adventure filled day! It is open year around and includes a climbing wall, 4 rappelling stations and 70 feet eagles nest platform. Are you ready to take the plunge off of the platform? For prices and more information, check out

3. The Rock Park

The Rock Park

The Rock Park is home to the famous, Castle Rock. Where the town got its name, The Rock Park has many different features including hiking trails, picnic pavilions and incredible views at the top! It is free to visit the park. Depending on if you want to pack a lunch and admire the views, the hike can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and half. Castle Rock is also home to the famous “Star Lighting” which happens every holiday season. Dogs on leashes are allowed and there is also onsite parking. For more information, check out

4. Downtown Castle Rock

Downtown Castle Rock, CO

While the mall and the still under-construction Promenade are nice, Castle Rock’s historic downtown is a great place to take a stroll, get some coffee, and admire the beauty of days gone by. Filled with bakeries and unique local shops, the downtown area of Castle Rock is incredible place to take your family. There happens to be many different photo ops as well. While you’re down there, don’t forget to support the local businesses! For more information, check out

5. Castle Rock Incline


This 200 step “challenge hill” is great for a quick, yet challenging, chance to get outside. Located at the newly built, Phillip S. Miller Recreational Park, the incline allows you to have fun as well as getting your exercise in for the day. It is a great spot to take friends to catch up or even your family for some awesome pictures at the top! For more information, visit