What Is a Transaction Coordinator?

Many real estate brokers in Colorado utilize transaction coordinators, but as a consumer, you may be asking “what is a transaction coordinator?” A transaction coordinator in real estate is a person or service that a broker can hire to “push the paper” during a transaction, which frees up time for the broker to work on other tasks. But it is also common for a broker to go MIA once your home is under contract and you will only be contacted by the transaction coordinator. This becomes frustrating as a real estate agent and for everyone involved in the transaction when the agent on the other side requests that we “cc” the transaction coordinator in all correspondence and the broker is effectively asleep at the wheel. I can only imagine what the clients on the other side of the transaction are going through when their broker passes off control on their most valuable asset to a random out-of-state or even out-of-the-country transaction coordinator.

At Douglas County Real Estate, we do not use transaction coordinators in our real estate deals so that we can ensure a smooth buying process for our clients. Kara and I work diligently to stay on top of every aspect of the transaction. From the first time we meet to years after closing, we will be your one and only contact and we will always be fully informed on what is happening with your home transaction.

We recommend that when you are interviewing your next agent that you ask them if they use transaction coordinators and make an informed decision.